Simple Amortization Calculator

The amortization interest calculator is a fundamental tool in financial planning and debt management. It allows you to calculate the amount of interest paid on a loan or mortgage over time, considering a specific amortization process.

Different from other online calculators, we prefer to simplify to show you the savings you will have per installment, we have different functions of calculations carried out by Artificial Intelligence.

What is Amortization?

Amortization refers to the process of gradually paying off a debt over time through regular payments. In amortization, each payment includes a portion that goes toward the principal of the debt (the amount borrowed) and a portion that covers the accrued interest.

Types of Amortization

There are several methods of amortization, including:

  • Linear amortization (or constant): The principal amount is amortized equally in each period, with the interest decreasing over time.
  • Constant Amortization System (SAC): The principal payments are constant, while the total payment decreases over time.
  • Price table: Equal periodic payments, with a higher proportion of interest at the beginning and more principal amortization at the end.

How does the Amortization Interest Calculator work?

The loan amortization interest calculator requires the input of several data, such as the total loan amount, the annual interest rate, the loan term, and the amortization method. Based on this data, it provides a detailed schedule of payments, showing how much of each payment is allocated to the principal and how much is allocated to the interest.

Practical Applications

This calculator is useful for:

  • Personal Financial Planning: Helps individuals understand the real cost of loans and mortgages and to efficiently plan their budgets.
  • Investment Decisions: Investors can use the calculator to assess the feasibility of debt-financed investments.
  • Loan Negotiations: It helps in comparing different loan options and negotiating better terms.


  • Transparency: Provides a clear view of the debt payment structure.
  • Planning: Facilitates financial planning over the loan term.
  • Comparison: It allows you to compare different financing options and choose the most suitable one.

The Loan Amortization Calculator

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The amortization interest calculator is an indispensable tool in financial management. It offers a detailed understanding of how interest affects loan payments, helping both individuals and companies make more informed financial decisions.

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