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If you play Valorant, you probably know how important mouse sensitivity is to playing well. The right sensitivity can help you aim more precisely, pivot quickly to react to enemy attacks, and move nimbly around the map. One way to determine the sensitivity of the mouse is through the eDPI (Effective DPI), which is the multiplication of the DPI by the sensitivity value in the game.

On this page we offer two eDPI calculators for Valorant, a basic one that only requires mouse DPI and game sensitivity and another that uses your cm/360 sensitivity.

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eDPI Calculator for Valorant

Below is our basic eDPI calculator for Valorant:

eDPI Calculator for Valorant with cm/360 sensitivity

Below our eDPI calculator for Vaorant with cm/360 sensitivity:

How is eDPI calculated in Valorant with cm/360

In Valorant, mouse sensitivity is measured in centimeters per 360 degrees of rotation (cm/360). So, to calculate eDPI in Valorant, you need to convert sensitivity in cm/360 to DPI.

To calculate eDPI in Valorant, you can follow these steps:

  1. Measure its sensitivity in cm/360 degrees of rotation using a third-party program;
  2. Convert your sensitivity in cm/360 to DPI, using the formula: DPI = (360 / (sensitivity in cm/360)) * 2.54.
  3. Multiply the resulting DPI by the in-game sensitivity to get the eDPI.

For example, if your sensitivity in cm/360 is 30 and your in-game sensitivity in Valorant is 0.5, your eDPI calculation would be:

  1. Convert your sensitivity in cm/360 to DPI: DPI = (360 / 30) * 2.54 = 304.
  2. Multiply the DPI by the in-game sensitivity: eDPI = DPI * in-game sensitivity = 304 * 0.5 = 152.

So to play Valorant with this sensitivity setting your eDPI would be 152.

Valorant eDPI Q&A

How can I use the eDPI calculator in Valorant?

Using the eDPI calculator is easy. Just input your mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity into the calculator and it will show your eDPI. Based on the result, you can adjust your sensitivity settings to find the perfect setting for you.

How do I adjust my in-game sensitivity setting to play Valorant?

Adjusting your in-game sensitivity setting is a matter of personal preference and can be affected by many factors such as your mousepad size and your gaming preferences. Use an eDPI calculator for Valorant as a tool to find the ideal setting for you, but remember to experiment with different settings to find the one that works best for you.

How does mouse sensitivity affect my gameplay in Valorant?

Mouse sensitivity can affect your gameplay in several ways in Valorant. A high sensitivity can allow you to turn quickly and react quickly to enemies, while a low sensitivity can help you aim more accurately at distant targets.

What is sensitivity in cm/360 and do I need it to calculate eDPI in Valorant?

Sensitivity in cm/360 is a measure of how far the mouse must travel for the mouse cursor to rotate 360 degrees on the screen. While it may be useful for some players, it is not required to calculate eDPI in Valorant.

What is an optimal eDPI setting for playing Valorant?

The ideal eDPI setting can vary from player to player, but many professional Valorant players use an eDPI setting between 200 and 400. It's important to remember that mouse sensitivity is a personal preference and can be affected by many different factors.

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