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It is often necessary to convert the mass of a substance to its volume (or vice versa) to perform calculations or understand the amount of a substance needed in a given process. For this, it is necessary to use the density of the substance to carry out the conversion.

To calculate the volume in ml we need to divide the mass (grams) by the density. To calculate the mass of a volume, we need to multiply the volume by the density.

Grams x Liters Converter

Below are our two calculators that allow you to convert liters into grams or grams into liters using the density field as well.



Remembering that to convert grams into kilograms, just be aware that 1000 grams is 1 kilogram and that 1000 ml is equivalent to 1 liter. The equivalent density of volume and mass is 1.0.

The usefulness of the Liters to Grams Calculator

Converting liters to grams (and vice versa) is a useful tool in many areas, especially chemistry and cooking.

In chemistry, it is common to measure reactants and solutions by mass or volume, and converting between these units is essential for performing calculations and preparing solutions. For example, to prepare a solution with a specific concentration, you need to know how many grams of a solute must be dissolved in a given volume of solvent.

In cooking, recipes are often described in grams or by volume (like cups or spoons), and knowing how to convert between these units is important to get the desired results. In addition, in some cases, it is necessary to measure liquids in grams (as in the preparation of syrups, for example).

Main Questions Answered by the converter

Here are some of the questions our converter will be able to help you answer:

  1. How many kilograms are in a liter? How many grams to make a liter?
  2. How to convert grams to liters (or vice versa) of a given substance?
  3. What is the density of a substance and how do you use it to convert grams to liters (or vice versa)?
  4. How do I convert the amount of a substance in grams to an amount in liters if I don't know the density of the substance?
  5. How to calculate the amount of a solute that must be added to a solvent to make a solution with a specific concentration in grams per liter?
  6. How to measure liquids in grams or solids in liters?

Density table of things

Below is a table with density values of some liquid and other common substances that can be measured in liters, thus facilitating your exact calculation using our calculator to convert grams into liters and liters into grams.

SubstanceDensity (g/mL)
Acetic Acid1.05
Hydrochloric acid1.18
Sulfuric acid1.84
Hydrogen peroxide1.11
aqua regia1.5
Ethyl alcohol0.789
liquid ammonia0.681
liquid ammonia0.681
Biodiesel0.88 – 0.90
Biodiesel0.88 – 0.90
liquid bromine3.10
Diesel0.82 – 0.85
ethyl ether0.71
Gasoline0.72 – 0.78
Gasoline0.72 – 0.78
liquid helium0,145
Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)2.13
Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)2.13
liquid iodine4.93
Honey1.36 – 1.53
Honey1.36 – 1.53
peanut oil0.92
Canola oil0.92
Coconut oil0.92
Kitchen oil0.91 – 0.93
Kitchen oil0.91 – 0.93
Sunflower oil0.92
Corn oil0.92
Olive oil0.92
Soy oil0.92
wheat oil0.92
Ethylene oxide1.46
Paraffin0.85 – 0.93
Petroleum0.8 – 0.95
Petroleum0.8 – 0.95
Kerosene0.78 – 0.82
Saline solution1.02 – 1.03
Saline solution1.02 – 1.03
Orange juice1.05 – 1.07
Orange juice1.05 – 1.07
sucrose (sugar)1.59
Carbon tetrachloride1.59
Red wine0.99 – 1.05

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