Simple Online Resignation Calculator

The termination of an employment contract is a process that involves several variables, including length of service, type of dismissal, and additional rights. Amidst these complexities, we have created a termination calculator for you.

What is a Resignation Calculator?

A severance pay calculator is a digital tool that allows for quickly and accurately calculating the amounts owed to the employee at the time of termination of the employment contract. This tool takes into account variables such as notice period, salary balance, vacation, 13th salary, among others.

How does it work?

To use the calculator, basic information about the employment contract is required, including:

  • Start and end date of the contract;
  • Salary amount;
  • Reason for termination (dismissal without just cause, with just cause, resignation, etc.);
  • Number of days of prior notice, if applicable;
  • Data about vacations and 13th salary.

With this data, the calculator automatically performs the calculations, taking into account the current labor laws.

Benefits of the Resignation Calculator

Accuracy in Calculations

One of the greatest benefits is accuracy. Errors in termination calculations can result in losses for both the employee and the employer.

Time saving

Doing these calculations manually can be time-consuming. The calculator speeds up the process, providing quick results.

Knowledge of Rights

For employees, this tool is a way to verify if the received amounts are correct, ensuring that their rights are respected.

Legal Compliance

For employers, it ensures that they are complying with legal obligations, avoiding labor problems.

Online Severance Calculator

Use our online Termination Calculator below. Our Essential Tool for Calculating Labor Rights!


Important Considerations

It is crucial to understand that the termination calculator is a support tool and does not replace consulting a human resources professional or a labor lawyer. Labor laws may undergo changes, and a specialist can provide updated and specific guidance for each case.

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