Convert ML/TBSp (Tablespoons and Milliliters)

Looking for a Tablespoons (TBSp) to Milliliters (ml) converter or vice versa? Both are common measurements in recipes, and converting milliliters to tablespoons or vice versa is very important.

Often, when cooking or baking, recipes indicate amounts of ingredients in different units of measurement. This can sometimes cause confusion, especially when the measurements are in different units. Our soup spoon converter will help you to face this difficulty.

Tablespoons and Milliliters Converter (ML to TBSp)

How to Convert Tablespoons and Milliliters Manually

The converter from tablespoon to milliliters and vice versa uses the following conversion formulas:

  • To convert from tablespoons to milliliters: mL = Tbsp * 14.79
  • To convert from milliliters to tablespoons: Tbsp = mL / 14.79

These formulas are used by the converter to calculate the conversion values.

It's important to remember that while the tablespoon is a common measure in many recipes, the density of ingredients can vary, which can affect the volume of a tablespoon.

How many ml are in a tablespoon?

A tablespoon (Tbsp) is a common measure of volume used in many recipes around the world. The amount of milliliters (mL) in a tablespoon can vary slightly depending on the ingredient and its density, but in general, a standard tablespoon is about 15 mL in volume.

Are there different types of soup spoons?

im, there are different types of soup spoons that can vary in size, shape and material. Some of the more common differences between tablespoons include:

  • Size: Tablespoons can vary in size, with some tablespoons larger or smaller than others. The standard size of a tablespoon is about 15ml in volume.
  • Shape: Some soup spoons have a flatter, wider shape, while others are rounder and deeper. The shape of the soup spoon can affect how many ingredients it can hold.
  • Material: Soup spoons can be made of different materials, such as metal, plastic, wood or silicone. Each material can have its own advantages and disadvantages, such as durability, hygiene and resistance to high temperatures.

Tablespoons to Milliliters Conversion Table

Here is an example table for converting tablespoons to milliliters:

Soup spoonsmilliliters

Here is an example conversion table from milliliters to tablespoons:

millilitersSoup spoons

person catching sprinkles

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