4 Apps to Transform Your Photos into Korean, Japanese and Asian Versions

If you're passionate about Asian culture and want to explore the continent's unique aesthetics in your photos, you've come to the right place! Discover several apps that use Artificial Intelligence to create Korean versions of your photos. 

Meet 4 recommended apps that allow you to transform your images into their Korean, Japanese or other Asian versions.

With these apps, you can experience beauty filters, makeup effects, cute stickers and other features inspired by Asian visual culture. Get ready to dive into a world of creativity and style!

Main Features of Asian Photo Makeover Apps

Let's go over some of the most popular and distinctive features found in Asian style photo makeover apps:

  1. Beauty Filters: They offer the possibility of adjusting the skin tone, smoothing imperfections and enhancing facial features, following Asian beauty standards.
  2. Makeup Effects: They allow you to apply virtual makeup, such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick, to give users a more stylized, Asian-inspired look.
  3. Kawaii stickers: They include a wide variety of stickers with cute characters and Asian pop culture elements to add fun and style to photos.
  4. Vintage and Retro Filters: They allow you to transform images into photographs with a nostalgic look, following the retro visual style that has gained popularity in Asia and globally.
  5. Custom Facial Features: Some apps allow you to adjust facial features, such as eye size, face shape, and other aspects, to create a more stylized appearance in keeping with Asian aesthetic standards.

Meitu (iOS, Android)

Meitu is a photo editing app that stands out for its wide range of beauty and makeup features. It offers exclusive filters that allow you to smooth the skin, highlight the eyes and refine the face to achieve a look inspired by Asian aesthetics.

In addition, the application offers several makeup options, such as eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes and more, allowing you to create personalized and stylized looks.

If you want to feel like a K-Pop or K-Drama celebrity, Meitu is the right choice to transform your photos with a touch of Asian beauty.

B612 (iOS, Android)

B612 is a photo editing app that has gained popularity for its wide selection of filters and stickers inspired by Asian trends.

With features ranging from vintage and retro filters to modern and stylish effects, the B612 offers a diverse range of options to give your photos a unique touch. In addition, the application has a face beautification function that allows you to adjust the smoothness of the skin, enhance the eyes and create a more stylized appearance, following Asian beauty standards.

If you want to explore different styles and experience Asian visual culture in your photos, the B612 is an ideal choice.

Snow (iOS, Android)

Snow is a photo and video editing app that stands out for its wide range of themed stickers and filters, specially designed to add a touch of cuteness and Asian flair to your images. With an extensive collection of Kawaii (cute) stickers, you can customize your photos with anime characters, adorable animals and various elements of Asian pop culture.

In addition, Snow also offers beauty filters and makeup effects that allow you to smooth your skin, enhance your eyes and enhance your appearance based on Asian beauty standards. If you're looking to add a touch of Asian fun and cuteness to your photos, Snow is an excellent choice.

Now, with the addition of the “Snow” app, you have an even more complete selection of five recommended apps to transform your photos into their Korean, Japanese or other Asian versions. Explore and have fun using these apps to immerse yourself in the unique and enchanting aesthetics of Asian visual culture!

YouCam Makeup (iOS, Android)

YouCam Makeup is the perfect app for Asian makeup enthusiasts. With a wide range of realistic makeup effects, including eye shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks and more, this app lets you try different looks inspired by the latest Asian beauty trends.

In addition, YouCam Makeup offers face beautification options to adjust skin color, smooth imperfections and enhance facial features, allowing you to achieve authentic and stylized look. If you are looking for an all-in-one app to create makeup looks inspired by Asian culture, YouCam Makeup is the right choice.