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Friends from all corners of the typography universe, we bring you the spectacular, the amazing, the magical... Converter Convert all that text to uppercase or lowercase, convert to Lowercase, Uppercase, Capitalized Case and Sentence Case.


Types of Case

Upper Case (UPPER CASE): In this realm of SCREAMING letters, Case Converter is capable of transforming all your text into majestic capital letters. Ideal for emphasis or authority, but beware! Using this form too much can be uncomfortable for your readers.

Caixa Baixa (lower case): In a land of humble and understated letters, Case Converter works the magic of converting all letters to lower case. This is a perfect tool for those times when you want to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility in your text.

Switching Case (altErNaTiNg cAsE): Here, the Case Converter has fun! Alternating Case turns your text into a dance between uppercase and lowercase letters, alternating with each character. Use this option to add some humor and irreverence to your text, but remember: it can be tiring to read if used in large quantities.

Capitalize Case (Title Case): In this elegant and sophisticated world, Case Converter lends its magic to transform your text into a title fit for a king or queen. The first letter of each word is capitalized, creating a nice and eye-catching visual effect. Ideal for titles, headers and proper names.

Sentence case: In this land of correct grammar and punctuation, Case Converter applies its ability to convert your text so that only the first letter of each sentence is capitalized. It's the standard and most common way of writing, perfect for maintaining clarity and legibility.


Case Converter Utilities

The Case Converter's amazing abilities come in handy in a variety of situations:

  1. Writing and proofreading texts: The Case Converter is an indispensable tool for writers, editors and proofreaders, facilitating the correction and formatting of texts.
  2. Graphic design: Graphic designers can take advantage of the different case options to create more interesting and dynamic layouts and designs.
  3. Communication on social networks: Add a personal and creative touch to your social media posts and messages with the various case options offered by Case Converter. Surprise your followers with alternate texts, catchy titles or even funny and irreverent messages.
  4. Emails and formal correspondence: In the digital age, written communication plays a key role. Case Converter helps ensure that your emails and correspondence maintain an appropriate and professional tone, highlighting important information.
  5. Academic and scientific works: Students and researchers can also benefit from the Case Converter's abilities, ensuring that their papers follow the formatting and style standards required by academic and scientific institutions.

Online Case Converter

To use the converter, just place the text and choose the font you want to convert:

art word against a black and white grid

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