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The CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Físicas) is a Brazilian tax identification number used by natural persons. It consists of 11 digits, the last two digits being check digits. Validating and generating CPFs is an important step for developers of systems involving user registrations and financial transactions. In this article, we present our Online CPFs Generator, its main uses and tips on how to obtain Online CPFs with people's names.

Our Online CPF Generator is an essential tool for system developers and testers that require valid CPFs to be entered. By generating valid CPFs, professionals can test the functionality and security of their systems, ensuring that information is processed correctly and without errors.

During the development process, it is common to use dummy data to populate databases and test features. Online CPF Generator can be used to generate valid and fictitious CPFs to populate temporary databases and ensure applications work as expected.

Valid CPF Generator

There's no secret, to generate the CPF just click on Generate CPF.

The CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) is a number consisting of 11 digits. The first 9 digits are random, while the last two are check digits, generated from the first 9 digits using the modulus 11 algorithm.

How to Get Social Security Numbers from People's Names

Some sites require validation of the CPF with the person's name, and generally ours and other online generators do not provide the person's name, but there are ways to obtain the user's name.

Firstly, by putting a person's name online on Google, there are hundreds of cities in Brazil that leak data online with the person's name and CPF through city hall documents or electoral titles.

These documents are public and are indexed by Google, thus allowing you to easily find people's names with their CPFs, but remembering that using someone's data for the vast majority of things is a crime.

Some public databases provide information on natural persons, including name and CPF. Such databases can be consulted to obtain CPFs with names of individuals, as long as they are used in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Inquiry at the Federal Revenue

The Federal Revenue of Brazil offers a CPF registration status consultation service, in which it is possible to check the status of the informed CPF number. This service, however, does not provide the name associated with the consulted CPF.

Important: It is crucial to remember that the use of third party CPFs without consent, for illegal or malicious purposes, is strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences.

The CPF Utilities

The CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Físicas) is a tax identification document in Brazil, used for several purposes beyond the control of tax obligations. Here are some of the most common CPF uses:

  1. Opening bank accounts: To open a bank account in Brazil, you must provide a valid CPF. Banks use the CPF to verify the customer's registration status and comply with current rules and regulations.
  2. Contracting services: Telephone companies, internet, cable TV and other service providers generally require the customer's CPF to contract their services. This allows companies to verify customer identity and perform credit reviews.
  3. Purchases and financing: When making installment purchases, financing or loans, financial institutions and stores generally request the customer's CPF to assess their credit capacity and financial history.
  4. Registration in social programs: The CPF is required for registration and access to government social programs, such as Bolsa Família, Minha Casa Minha Vida and Prouni.
  5. Declaration of Income Tax: To declare the Income Tax in Brazil, it is necessary to inform the CPF, which serves as identification before the Federal Revenue Service.
  6. Access to public health and education services: The CPF is a mandatory document to access the Unified Health System (SUS) and enroll in public educational institutions.
  7. Participation in public contests and entrance exams: To participate in public exams and entrance exams, it is necessary to inform the CPF at the time of registration.
  8. Registration in discount stores and clubs: Some stores and discount clubs ask for the customer's CPF to create a shopping profile and offer personalized promotions.

It is important to emphasize that the improper use of the CPF, either by oneself or by third parties, may result in legal consequences. Always use your CPF in accordance with local laws and regulations, and protect your privacy when sharing personal information.

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