Gasoline and Alcohol (Ethanol) Calculator – Which One Is More Worth It?

Vehicle refueling is an important decision for owners, affecting both their wallets and the vehicle's performance. With the rising fuel prices, the choice between ethanol and gasoline becomes crucial. In this article, we will present a simple tool, an online calculator, that helps drivers make this decision, considering the relative prices of ethanol and gasoline.

Alcohol vs Gasoline

Before we delve into the calculator, it is essential to understand the differences between alcohol and gasoline. Both are popular fuels, but their characteristics and efficiencies vary.

Alcohol (Ethanol):

  1. Renewable Origin: Alcohol is mainly derived from sugarcane in Brazil, making it a source of renewable energy.
  2. Lower calorific value: Compared to gasoline, ethanol has a lower heating value, which means that the vehicle consumes more fuel to cover the same distance.
  3. Performance and Emissions: The alcohol can offer better performance in terms of octane rating, but it may result in slightly higher emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

One of the traditional disadvantages of alcohol is the greater difficulty in starting the engine at lower temperatures. Alcohol has a higher ignition temperature than gasoline, which can result in starting problems in cold climates. However, it is important to note that modern engines and improved fuels have minimized this problem.

In some cases, alcohol-powered cars may require more maintenance due to the corrosive characteristics of the fuel. However, modern cars are designed to handle both fuels effectively.


  1. Non-Renewable Origin: Gasoline is derived from petroleum, a non-renewable source.
  2. Higher heating value: Gasoline has a higher calorific value, providing better efficiency in terms of mileage per liter.
  3. Performance and Emissions: In comparison to alcohol, gasoline can offer cleaner combustion, reducing pollutant emissions.

Calculator Alcohol vs. Gasoline

The online calculator proposed here considers the price per liter of alcohol and gasoline. The relationship between these prices is calculated, and a recommendation is provided based on this relationship.

  1. Cost-benefit: The calculator is a useful tool to determine which fuel offers the best cost-benefit at the moment, considering the current prices.
  2. Financial economics: The decision to fill up with ethanol or gasoline can result in significant long-term financial savings, especially in periods of fluctuating fuel prices.
  3. Adaptation to Changes: The calculator allows drivers to adapt to changes in fuel prices, making informed decision making easier.

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