5 Apps to Simulate Children, see genetic descent

If you've ever wondered what the face of a possible child of yours with your loved one or a friend would look like, you've certainly come across fun apps that promise to simulate genetic descent.

See what a potential child would look like based on physical characteristics. In this article, we are going to list 5 apps that offer this function! 


Remini is a photo editing application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the quality of old, blurred or low-resolution images. Launched in 2019, Remini quickly gained popularity among users looking to improve the sharpness and clarity of their older photos.

This application also offers a function to simulate what your children would look like with someone else. To “raise a child” with the app's AI, just select photos in which the parents appear and ask the app to show you what the result would look like in “check future baby”.

BabyMaker and Similar

BabyMaker is one of the most popular apps for baby simulation. Simply upload photos of yourself and the person you would like to genetically match.

The app, using a feature-blending algorithm, generates an image of the alleged child based on the photos provided. Have fun sharing the results with your friends and family.

There are many other simple applications in the same style, usually they have similar names like BabyGenerator and others. Just search for these names! 

FaceApp – The Best and most complete

FaceApp is a well-known application that offers a child simulation function, called “Baby” or “Baby”. FaceApp is a photo editing application that uses artificial intelligence technology to perform various transformations and filters on facial images.

With this Application it is possible to perform: 

  1. Baby Simulation: FaceApp's “Baby” function allows users to upload photos of themselves and someone else, such as a partner or friend, and simulate what the resulting child would look like. The app uses artificial intelligence algorithms to blend the parents' facial features and create a close-up image of what the baby would look like.
  2. Aging and Rejuvenation: FaceApp initially gained popularity for its facial aging and rejuvenating features. Users can see what they would look like at older or younger ages.
  3. Genre Swap: The app also allows users to swap genders in their photos, showing what they would look like if they were the opposite sex.
  4. Miscellaneous Filters and Effects: FaceApp offers a variety of fun filters and effects to transform your photos, including hair color change, virtual makeup and much more.
  5. Creating Collages: In addition to face transformations, the app also has features to create collages with your photos.