ChatGPT x Online Tools (Calculators, Converters, Generators)

With the increased use of artificial intelligence in our lives, many people have started to question the relevance of online tools such as calculators, converters and generators. At the same time, voice assistants, chatbots and virtual assistants such as ChatGPT have become increasingly popular. So which is the best option for you: using ChatGPT or online tools?

Online tools, such as calculators and converters, are useful for specific tasks, such as doing math or converting units of measurement. They are easy to use, available on many websites, and can save a lot of time for those who need to do them frequently. Online tools also allow for customization, so you can choose the look and settings that best suit your needs.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence platform that can perform more complex tasks and answer open-ended questions. It is designed to understand and answer questions like a human would. Furthermore, ChatGPT can learn and adapt to different situations, providing more accurate and personalized responses over time.

While online tools are useful for specific tasks, they have limitations compared to ChatGPT. For example, online tools cannot answer open-ended questions and cannot adapt to different situations. ChatGPT can offer customized solutions to specific questions based on its extensive knowledge.

Another advantage of ChatGPT is that it can connect to different platforms, including social networks, emails and text messages. This means that you can chat with ChatGPT on different platforms, making it more accessible and easier to use in different situations.

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ChatGPT and its Learning Curve

Since ChatGPT is capable of performing most of the tasks performed, many commands will require user knowledge. Most sweet users don't know what to ask chatGPT for or what information to quote when making the request.

In some cases, asking for a certain thing can be laborious, requiring several explanations, fields and conversations for a simple calculation or request. On the other hand, the Online tools are already ready, just fill in and click on a button, with no queue and no headaches.

Sometimes ChatGPT will require certain context that an average user is not able to provide. Or maybe the Artificial Intelligence answer is vague or wrong. Unfortunately, the AI can still make a lot of mistakes depending on how the question is asked.


Online Tools + AI GPT

The best would be to merge both tools, many look for prompts (commands) ready to use in ChatGPT. Our Digitalkw website offers these commands ready in forms, so we do use ChatGPT in many of our tools, while others can be done in Javascript.

So if you're looking for something specific, a certain calculation, a specific generator of words, phrases and texts, DigitalKW's tools will offer it to you at no cost, unlimitedly.

The advantage of forms is that they are filled in without the need to specify each field manually, something quite necessary when asking something for Artificial Intelligence.

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Exclusive commands

Below are some unique commands that each tool is capable of performing:

Commands that only ChatGPT can perform:

  1. Answer open-ended questions: ChatGPT can answer open-ended questions such as “What is the meaning of life?” or “How can I find happiness?”.
  2. Offer customized solutions: ChatGPT can learn from your responses and offer customized solutions for your needs.
  3. Advise and guide: ChatGPT can advise on personal or professional issues and guide on different areas of knowledge.

Commands that online tools are best suited for:

  1. Performing calculations and conversions: Online tools are best suited for performing calculations and conversions, such as calculating the area of a circle or converting kilometers to miles.
  2. Creating Documents and Graphics: Online tools are best suited for creating documents and graphics such as spreadsheets, charts, and presentations.
  3. Edit images and videos: Online tools are best suited for editing images and videos, such as cropping, resizing, and adjusting brightness.


In short, both online tools and ChatGPT have their advantages and disadvantages. Online tools are useful for specific tasks and are easy to use, but they are not adaptable to different situations. ChatGPT, on the other hand, can answer open-ended questions and adapt to different situations, but it may be unavailable, answer wrong, and requires more effort for some tasks.

If you need a quick answer to a specific question like converting units of measurement, then online tools are the best option for you. However, if you need a more complex and adaptable response, or want to talk to an artificial intelligence, then ChatGPT might be the best option for you.

Regardless of your choice, it is important to remember that both online tools and ChatGPT can be accessed from

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