AI-powered Fantasy Name Generator

Looking to generate fantasy character names to use in a game, project, or story? Meet our newest fantasy name generator that uses Artificial Intelligence.

Unlike conventional generators, with the Artificial Intelligence Fantasy Name generator you can ask for names that have a certain meaning or characteristic.

Fancy Name Generator

Just fill in the data correctly and generate your fantasy character names. Any questions about the data to be entered, just continue reading the article. You can simply put in keywords to generate names that have that meaning.

Classes and Types of Fancy Names

Our generator allows you to define any type of class you want for the name. From Ogre to Fairy, just put what you want. Our artificial intelligence will generate the names based on these details. See below some types and classes of characters that you can place:

Elf Name Generator – Elves are fictional beings with human appearance, who stand out for their agility, grace and magical abilities. They are known for their strong connection with nature and affinity with music and poetry.

Dwarf Name Generator – Dwarves are fictional beings with a human appearance, usually shorter and more muscular, with skills in working with metals and precious stones. They are loyal and excellent warriors, defenders of their subterranean kingdoms.

Orc Name Generator – Orcs are fictional beings with human appearance, but with distinct physical characteristics, such as green or gray skin, sharp fangs and red eyes. They are often portrayed as fierce warriors and marauders, being considered enemies of humanity and other peaceful races.

Human Name Generator – Humans are fictional beings with human appearance and diverse abilities, from magic to fighting. In fantasy stories, they can be portrayed as heroes or villains, depending on the narrative.

Goblin Name Generator – Goblins are fictional beings with a human appearance, but are generally shorter and thinner. They are often portrayed as evil and deceitful, always looking to get the heroes into trouble.

Dragon Name Generator – Dragons are fictional beings with a reptilian appearance, with scales and wings. They are known for their strength and power, and are portrayed as guardians of treasures in fantasy stories.

Fairy Name Generator – Fairies are fictional beings with human appearance, but with wings and magical powers. They are often portrayed as friendly creatures, but they can also be evil in some stories.

Centaur Name Generator – Centaurs are fictional beings with half human body and half horse body. They are portrayed as skilled in running and fighting, and also as wise and connoisseur of nature.

Golem Name Generator – Golems are fictional beings created from inanimate materials such as clay or stone. They are often portrayed as servants with no will of their own, but they can also be heroes in some stories.

Mermaid/Mermaid Name Generator – Mermaids and sirens are fictional beings with a fish-like appearance on the lower part of the body and a human appearance on the upper part. They are known for their beauty and magical powers, and can be portrayed as both friendly and evil creatures in fantasy stories.

Our generator is also able to generate names like:

  • Giant Name Generator
  • Cyclops Name Generator
  • Griffin Name Generator
  • Minotaur Name Generator
  • Harpy Name Generator
  • Spectrum Name Generator
  • Knight Name Generator
  • Killer/Assassin Name Generator
  • Samurai Name Generator
  • Ninja Name Generator
  • Pirate Name Generator
  • Elemental Name Generator
  • Spirit Name Generator
  • Zombie Name Generator
  • Banshee Name Generator
  • Genie Name Generator
  • Archer Name Generator
  • Warrior Name Generator
  • Scavenger Name Generator
  • Vampire Hunter Name Generator
  • Hunter Werewolf Name Generator
  • Hunter Dragon Name Generator
  • Fallen Angel Name Generator
  • Summoner Demon Name Generator
  • Illusionist Name Generator
  • Elementalist Name Generator
  • Psychic/Psychic Name Generator
  • Air Elementalist Name Generator
  • Earth Elementalist Name Generator
  • Water Elementalist Name Generator
  • Fire Elementalist Name Generator
  • Necromancer Name Generator
  • Priest/Priestess Name Generator
  • Paladin/Paladina Name Generator
  • Druid Name Generator
  • Lich Name Generator
  • Sorcerer/Witch Name Generator
  • Archangel Name Generator
  • Celestial Name Generator
  • Hell Demon Name Generator.

What games can this name generator be useful for?

This name generator can be useful in a variety of tabletop and online roleplaying games that involve fantasy characters. Some examples include:

  1. Dungeons & Dragons – one of the most popular roleplaying games set in a fantasy world.
  2. World of Warcraft – an online fantasy role-playing game in which players can create characters from a variety of fictional races.
  3. Final Fantasy – a series of fantasy role-playing games featuring a variety of fictional characters.
  4. The Elder Scrolls – a series of fantasy role-playing games set in a fictional world with various fictional races.
  5. Dragon Age – a series of fantasy role-playing games set in a fictional world with a variety of fictional characters.

These are just a few examples, but there are many other fantasy roleplaying games where a character name generator can come in handy. Additionally, the name generator can be used for inspiration when creating characters for fantasy stories or other forms of fictional media.

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