Electric Energy Consumption Calculator

Do you want to know how much energy an appliance, machine or other electronic consumes for an hour, or more hours? Use our online electricity consumption calculator. 

Electric power consumption is an important factor to consider when using any electrical device or appliance. Knowing energy consumption and cost can help you make more informed decisions regarding energy use and financial planning.

To facilitate this process, we present the Electric Energy Consumption Calculator. This simple and efficient tool allows you to easily calculate the energy consumption and cash cost of any device or object that uses electrical energy.

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How to use the Electric Energy Consumption Calculator

  1. Device Power: Enter the device power in watts (W). This value can usually be found in the technical specifications of the device or on the device label itself.
  2. Usage Time: Enter the device usage time in hours (h). This represents the amount of time the device will be used.
  3. Electricity Tariff: Enter the electricity tariff in reais per kilowatt-hour (R$/kWh). This amount is provided by the electric company and can be found on the electricity bill.

After filling in this information, click on the “Calculate Consumption” button. The calculator will process the data and provide the energy consumption in watt-hours (Wh) and the cost in reais (R$) based on the time of use and the electricity rate entered.

Electric Energy Consumption Calculator

Benefits of the Electric Energy Consumption Calculator

  • Consumption Awareness: With the calculator, you can get a clear idea of the energy consumption of your devices, allowing you to identify which devices consume the most energy.
  • Financial planning: Knowing the cash cost of energy consumption helps you plan your home budget, allowing you to control and manage your energy costs more efficiently.
  • Making Informed Decisions: With the data provided by the calculator, you can make informed decisions regarding energy usage, such as adjusting how long a device is used or comparing power consumption between different device models before making a purchase.

List of Average Energy Consumption by item

Here is a list of average electrical power consumption in watts (W) for several common devices and appliances in the home:

  1. Lamps:
    • LED Bulb (10-15W)
    • Incandescent bulb (40-100W)
    • Compact fluorescent light bulb (15-25W)
  2. Kitchen Appliances:
    • Refrigerator (100-400W)
    • Freezer (80-300W)
    • Electric oven (1000-5000W)
    • Microwave (800-1500W)
    • Electric stove (1500-5000W)
    • Dishwasher (1200-2000W)
    • Coffee Maker (800-1200W)
    • Toaster (800-1500W)
    • Blender (300-700W)
  3. Laundry Appliances:
    • Washing machine (500-1500W)
    • Clothes dryer (1500-5000W)
    • Iron (1000-2000W)
  4. Electronics and Entertainment:
    • LED TV (30-150W)
    • Desktop computer (50-250W)
    • Laptop (30-90W)
    • Video game console (100-200W)
    • Soundbar (20-100W)
    • Bluetooth speaker (10-30W)
    • WiFi Router (5-15W)
    • Cell phone charger (5-10W)
  5. Air Conditioning:
    • Air conditioning (500-5000W)
    • Ceiling fan (10-50W)
    • Portable fan (20-100W)
    • Electric heater (500-2000W)
  6. Personal cares:
    • Hairdryer (800-2000W)
    • Hair straightener (20-200W)
    • Electric toothbrush (1-5W)
  7. Office Electronics:
    • Printer (50-100W)
    • Scanner (10-30W)
    • Multifunctional (50-100W)
    • Fax (5-25W)
    • Computer Monitor (15-50W)
    • Computer speakers (5-20W)
  8. External Lighting:
    • Garden light (10-50W)
    • Safety Reflectors (10-100W)
  9. Bathroom:
    • Electric water heater (1000-4000W)
    • Towel dryer (50-200W)
  10. Eletric tools:
    • Drill (500-1000W)
    • Circular saw (1200-2000W)
    • Electric sander (200-500W)
    • Electric hammer (1000-1500W)
    • Screwdriver (500-1000W)
    • Electric planer (500-1000W)
  11. Small appliances:
    • Portable Vacuum Cleaner (100-300W)
    • Portable Blender (200-400W)
    • Mixer (200-400W)
    • Mixer (200-400W)
  12. Others:
    • Vacuum cleaner (800-2000W)
    • Electric shaver (5-15W)
    • Battery Charger (5-15W)
    • Security Camera (5-15W)
    • Dehumidifier (200-800W)
    • Water pump (500-1500W)

Keep in mind that these values are only an estimated average and may vary according to the brand, model and specific characteristics of each device. In addition, some devices may have operating modes with variable consumption, which may influence energy consumption.

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