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Many online love calculators promise to show the compatibility between two people, usually with only vague information like name and age, but what do you think of a Love calculator with a dash of Artificial Intelligence? 

If you are curious to know the compatibility between two people and you are looking for answers about love, you have come to the right place! In this article, we are going to explore the exciting journey of discovering the compatibility potential between two people based on different criteria. Let's dive into the information provided and calculate the compatibility percentage between two people. 

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Here under “Other Information” you can add any additional information you want, just specify what information is like in the example. If you don't have any information, put anything in the field.  

Why True Love Calculator?

Our Love Calculator is called “True” because it is based on real and measurable criteria to evaluate the compatibility between two people. Unlike mystical approaches or superstitions, our calculator uses concrete criteria to provide an accurate analysis.

We believe that true compatibility is based on real factors, and that's what our calculator aims to provide. Let's explore the reasons why our calculator is called "true".

Our calculator relies on tangible criteria such as age, interests, personal values, life goals and personality. These factors have a proven impact on compatibility between couples. By taking these criteria into account, we offer a more accurate and realistic assessment.

Our calculator is based on scientific research, psychological studies and empirical observations. We seek to understand the factors that influence human relationships and use this knowledge to improve our approach. This allows us to offer an analysis based on reliable data.

Our love calculator gives you an overview of the compatibility between two people. We understand that love is a complex feeling, and our calculator is not intended to be a definitive measure. Instead, it offers initial insights and identifies important issues to consider. We believe that true compatibility is built over time, through shared experiences and genuine emotional connection.

How is Compatibility Calculated? 

Compatibility between two people is calculated taking into account several specific criteria that can influence the construction of a healthy and lasting relationship. While it is important to mention that the actual compatibility between two people cannot be determined only by a mathematical calculation or simple formula, the love calculator can give you an overview based on the information provided. Let's briefly explain how compatibility is calculated in this context:

  1. Age: The calculator considers the age difference between the two people. Generally, a minor age gap can indicate a greater likelihood of sharing similar interests and perspectives.
  2. Interests: The interests mentioned by each person are evaluated and compared. The more common interests, the more likely there is a solid foundation for an emotional connection and shared activities.
  3. Other criteria: In addition to age and interests, the calculator can take into account other criteria such as personal values, life goals, personality and other relevant aspects that can influence compatibility.

Based on these criteria, each aspect is given a relative weight or score, depending on how important it is to you. These scores are then combined using a formula to calculate an overall compatibility score. This score is converted into a percentage to provide a general indication of the compatibility between the two people.

It is important to emphasize that the love calculator is a fun tool and should not be considered as an accurate or definitive measure of the real compatibility between two people. Relationships are complex and involve a range of emotional factors, shared experiences, communication and other aspects that cannot be completely captured by a mathematical formula.

So, use the love calculator as a playful way to explore compatibility, but always keep in mind that true compatibility is something you will discover through a real relationship, built on mutual respect, understanding and genuine emotional connection.

Love Calculator Compatibility Chart

This table is not the same one used to calculate our Love Calculator. Our love calculator uses many other factors, but if you want to do a manual calculation, maybe the table below can help you, just add the score that equals the percentage: 

0-2 year difference30
3-5 year difference25
6-10 year difference20
Difference over 10 years10
Shared Interests
By common interest (maximum of 4)10 per interest
Life goals15
Personal values15
emotional chemistry20

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