Free Fire Account Calculator – Buy and Sell

Wanting to buy or sell a Free Fire Account? Don't know how much to pay or charge? Our free fire account calculator will help you estimate a value for free fire accounts based on objects, diamonds, passes, legendary clothes and others.

Remembering that this calculator is not so accurate if you don't know the value of the items you have. The fact that an item enters the available category in the calculator does not say that it is so valuable or not. Some legendary outfits can be easy to get, others extremely rare, the same for dinos and sports team shirts.

Our calculator works by adding the average values of each category of items to give a result that can be low or high, so it's up to you to compare this average with the values offered.

To use the calculator you need to search your entire inventory and account history for items that you rate cheaper or more expensive.

Free Fire Account Calculator

Our calculator works based on a multiplier, where the number 5 is the average value to the dollar. So if you want to leave the value close to the calculated currency, you can decrease or increase the multiplier. For example, if you want the value in BRL currency, you can leave the value 1.


How much to charge for each Free Fire item?

As Free Fire has a huge amount of skins and cosmetic items that are constantly updated, it is difficult to price the most valuable skins available, as they can become cheaper or more expensive according to demand.

The amount you can charge for each Free Fire item when selling your account can vary greatly depending on market demand, the rarity of the items and other factors such as account level and history.

However, as a reference, you can look up average selling prices for similar items and accounts on trade and sale sites or social media groups.

Some tips to help price your account fairly include:

  1. Check average market prices for similar items and accounts.
  2. Consider the rarity and value of items on your account, as well as your level and gameplay history.
  3. Consider the potential buyer's reputation and ensure the transaction is safe and reliable.
  4. Do not overestimate the value of the items or the account, to avoid very high prices and difficult sales.

In general, the value of the account can be calculated based on the total value of the items present in it, but it is also important to consider the player's level and history, as well as other factors that can add value to the account.

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