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Are you out of creativity to draw? Discover our design idea generator that uses artificial intelligence. Here you will get suggestions for drawings of different types based on keywords and parameters defined by you. 

The art of drawing is a wonderful form of self-expression, but it can sometimes be challenging to find inspiration. It's in those moments that our idea generator kicks in, helping to spark your creativity and provide you with fresh suggestions.

How does our Drawing Idea Generator work?

The operation of our generator is simple and intuitive. First, you enter keywords that describe the elements you'd like to incorporate into your drawing. It can be anything: animals, landscapes, objects, fantastic beings or even abstract concepts. It's your choice!

You then have the option to adjust specific parameters to further refine the generator suggestion. You can define the desired drawing style, such as realistic, cartoonish, minimalist, among others. Furthermore, you can specify the level of complexity, the type of composition or even the color palette you plan to use.

Once you've provided the necessary information, our design idea generator will use its vast database fueled by artistic knowledge to create a personalized suggestion. It will consider your preferences and the defined parameters, combining them in a unique and creative way.

Generator suggestions will be displayed in a clear and visually stimulating way. You'll receive detailed descriptions of the elements that should be included, along with visual references such as images or sketches to give you a complete visual understanding of the idea.

Now you no longer have to face the dreaded writer's block. Our drawing idea generator is here to help, bringing new possibilities to your artistic practice. Explore themes and concepts that you may never have considered before, expanding your horizons and discovering new forms of expression.

Drawing Idea Generator

Drawing Types

  1. Artistic design: It is the most common form of drawing, where creativity and personal expression are the main focus. It can encompass a variety of styles, techniques and subjects, from portraits and landscapes to abstract and surrealism.
  2. Observation drawing: Also known as representational drawing, it involves observing and accurately reproducing real objects, people, landscapes or scenes. It is often used to develop observation skills and improve drawing accuracy.
  3. Technical drawing: It is mainly used in the areas of architecture, engineering and industrial design. It involves the accurate representation of objects and structures, following specific rules and conventions, such as scales, projections and technical symbology.
  4. Fashion design: It is aimed at the representation of clothes, accessories and costumes. It is commonly used by stylists, fashion designers and illustrators to visualize and communicate their creations.
  5. Animation and illustration: These are drawings with a more caricatured and exaggerated style, often used in comics, animation, children's books and editorial illustrations. They can convey narratives and expressions in a simplified and captivating way.
  6. Storyboard drawing: It is a form of sequential drawing used in the film, advertising and animation industries to plan and visualize scenes. Each frame represents a scene or event, helping to tell a story in an organized way.
  7. Drawing diagrams and schematics: It is used to visually and clearly represent information such as maps, charts, flowcharts, and scientific diagrams. It's an effective way to convey complex concepts in a simple and understandable way.

Artistic Styles

  1. Realism: Realism seeks to portray the world objectively and faithfully, with meticulous attention to detail. Realistic works are highly accurate in terms of proportion, light, shadow and texture.
  2. Impressionism: Impressionism is characterized by quick, loose brushstrokes, with an emphasis on depicting the artist's visual impressions of light and color. Impressionist works often capture outdoor scenes and natural light effects.
  3. Expressionism: Expressionism seeks to convey emotions and subjective experiences through vibrant colors, intense brushstrokes and deliberate distortions. Expressionist works are often abstract or semi-formal, with a non-naturalistic approach.
  4. Cubism: Cubism is a style that challenges the traditional representation of form and space. Cubist works often portray objects and figures from multiple points of view, presenting fragmented and overlapping geometric shapes.
  5. Surrealism: Surrealism explores the world of the subconscious and the irrational, mixing elements of reality with dreamlike and fantastic images. Surrealist works are often illogical, with an intriguing and symbolic aesthetic.
  6. Abstractionism: Abstractionism moves away from figurative representation and seeks to explore shapes, colors, lines and textures for their own sake. Abstract works can be non-representative or they can suggest recognizable forms in a simplified way.
  7. PopArt: Pop art incorporates elements of popular culture and mass media into its works. It is often characterized by bright colors, iconic imagery from popular culture, and an ironic or critical approach.
  8. Fauvism: Fauvism is known for its vibrant, non-naturalistic colors. Fauvist works feature intense, unrealistic tones, often applied directly from the palette without subtle blending.

List of 50 drawing ideas

See below some of the ideas suggested by our artificial intelligence: 

  1. Portrait of a loved one
  2. Cityscape in a metropolis
  3. Wild animal in its natural habitat
  4. Enchanted florest
  5. expressive self portrait
  6. a moment of happiness
  7. Sunset at the beach
  8. futuristic city
  9. An old and nostalgic object
  10. Scene from a favorite movie
  11. portrait of a celebrity
  12. A rainy day in the city
  13. still life of fruits
  14. Illustration of a fairy tale
  15. Mythical creature in a fantastic environment
  16. Abstract design with vibrant colors
  17. a space trip
  18. Details of a plant or flower
  19. Pet in a funny pose
  20. Portrait of someone in black and white
  21. Underwater scene with tropical fish
  22. Study of hands in different poses
  23. a mountainous landscape
  24. Moving ocean waves
  25. Winter scenery with snow
  26. Fashion drawing with an elegant dress
  27. An object with interesting textures
  28. Portrait of a smiling child
  29. a futuristic vehicle
  30. historic architecture
  31. A lone tree in a field
  32. Portrait of a musician playing an instrument
  33. Cute animal in cartoon style
  34. music inspired design
  35. Ancient ruins in an exotic landscape
  36. An energetic dance scene
  37. Details of a seascape
  38. Portrait of an elderly person full of wisdom
  39. A blooming garden in spring
  40. Characters from a favorite video game
  41. a sunken city
  42. Night landscape with stars and moon
  43. An advanced technological object
  44. Illustration of a poem or verse
  45. A cartoon-style portrait
  46. Drawing of a tasty food
  47. Representation of a surreal dream
  48. Details of a modern architecture
  49. Autumn landscape with colorful leaves
  50. A moment of serenity in a peaceful park

unrecognizable woman drawing graffiti on paper

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