Online Stoichiometry Calculator

A stoichiometry calculator is a useful tool for calculating the amounts of reactants and products involved in a chemical reaction. Stoichiometry is the branch of chemistry that studies the quantitative proportions of substances involved in a chemical reaction, including the amount of reactants needed to produce a desired amount of product, and the amount of product that will be produced from a known amount of reactant. .

How to use the Stoichiometry Calculator?

To use a stoichiometry calculator, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The chemical equation: Provide the balanced chemical equation for the reaction you want to calculate. The chemical equation must include the reactants and products of the chemical reaction.
  • Known quantity: inform the known quantity of a specific reagent or product and the corresponding unit. The stoichiometry calculator can then calculate the amount of another reactant or product needed to completely react with the known amount.
  • Molar mass of substances: inform the molar mass of the substances involved in the chemical reaction. Molar mass is the mass of a molecule or compound expressed in grams per mole. This information is used to convert the units of mass to mole and vice versa.

Based on this information, the Stoichiometry Calculator can perform the necessary calculations to determine the amounts of reactants or products involved in the chemical reaction.

Our calculator has two spaces to enter data and equations, you do not need to provide in detail what is requested, any additional data will be considered by the calculator, you can provide molar mass and any other value in the fields of the calculator that our Artificial Intelligence will to understand.

Online Stoichiometry Calculator

If the answer is in an unwanted language, just ask the calculator to respond in the desired language. You can also tell the calculator to respond in a short form.

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