Only available on Android? How to find alternatives for iOS

There are certain apps that may only be available for Android users, leaving iOS device owners a little disappointed. But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to find iOS alternatives and enjoy similar functionality to Android's exclusive apps.

Why isn't the app I want available on iOS? 

Apple's App Store has strict guidelines in terms of app quality, security and functionality. Developers need to follow these guidelines for their apps to be approved and available in the store.

It may be that this application in question performs actions that are not allowed on iOS because it is a more closed system than Android. The application may need access to closed system settings or customizations. 

Another problem that makes it difficult for certain Android apps to arrive on iOS is the fact that the iOS developer subscription costs 100 USD per year, it also requires the user to use macOS and iOS to develop. 

Applications to watch movies online, watch anime and series for free are usually only available for Android, as this is piracy. 

iOS secure, but not quite

Although iOS is a very secure system, some people may try to bypass and install pirated and hacked apps through both jailbroken and non-jailbroken methods. 

Doing things outside the Apple Store can be quite dangerous, but inside it also has its dangers. Many developers make applications with the aim of selling, promise things that are not always delivered as expected. 

For this reason, it's good to check the application before buying or subscribing to anything. Watch videos on the internet, do research, or try the free trial if available. Just don't forget to cancel the automatic renewal.

Search the App Store

The first step to finding alternatives is to search the App Store. While some apps are exclusive to Android, there are often similar options available for iOS.

Use relevant keywords in the App Store search bar and explore the results. You might be surprised at the amount of options available.

You can search for the same name as the Android app in iOS searches, or you can search for the function the app performs.

Some developers make apps with the same name as Android, but they are just fake apps that can't perform the promised functions due to iOS restrictions; therefore, caution is required. 

Read reviews and ratings

When finding alternatives to Android's unique apps, it's important to read user reviews and ratings. This will help you get an idea of the quality and performance of available iOS apps.

Look for apps that are highly rated and have positive user feedback. This information can guide you in choosing the best alternative for your needs.

Consult online forums and communities

There are several online communities and forums dedicated to discussing apps and technology. By joining these communities, you can gain valuable recommendations and insights on iOS alternatives.

Ask members if they know apps similar to the Android exclusives you're interested in. They can share their experiences and provide helpful suggestions.

Explore indie developers

In addition to popular apps, independent developers are also worth exploring. They often offer innovative and unique apps for iOS, with features that can match or even surpass those of Android.

Look for indie developers on the App Store and check out the apps they offer. You can discover real gems that perfectly fit your needs.

Consider cross-platform apps

Some popular apps are cross-platform, meaning they are available for both Android and iOS. These apps are designed to offer the same experience on both operating systems, ensuring you don't miss out on Android's unique features.

Make sure the app you are looking for has an iOS version and enjoy the same functionality on your Apple device.

Try similar apps

If you can't find an exact alternative to the Android-only app you want, try similar apps.

While they may not have all the features or the same interface, they may offer similar functionality and meet your needs. Give these apps a try and see if they suit what you are looking for.