Apps to listen to the baby's heartbeat

The health and well-being of babies are always priorities for parents. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, mobile apps have emerged that allow parents to listen to their baby's heartbeat in the comfort of their own homes. These apps are a convenient and affordable way to monitor your baby's health and provide peace of mind for parents.

How do baby heartbeat apps work?

Applications to listen to the baby's heart function like a fetal stethoscope, there are different capture methods, and some even work with the electronic stethoscopes themselves.

One of the main methods is to place the smartphone gently on the mother's belly, allowing parents to listen to the baby's heartbeat through the application installed on their mobile devices.

These apps often offer additional features, such as heart rate recording, allowing parents to share these special moments with family and friends. Some apps also provide information about fetal development and offer helpful tips for expectant mothers.

Benefits of apps to listen to the baby's heartbeat

  1. Emotional tranquility: Listening to the baby's little heartbeat provides parents with a sense of calm and comfort, letting them know that their child is well and healthy.
  2. Convenience: Convenience: These apps offer a convenient way to monitor your baby's health at home, avoiding frequent trips to the doctor just to check your baby's heart rate.
  3. Emotional connection: Hearing the baby's heartbeat creates an emotional connection between the parents and the developing child, strengthening family bonds.

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Pregnant woman holds her belly

Nutot Prenatal Cardiac Monitor

Nutot Prenatal Heart Monitor is a popular and reliable app for listening to your baby's heart during pregnancy. With a high-quality probe, the app offers a clear and crisp experience when listening to the baby's heartbeat.

Plus, it has advanced features like the ability to record and share those special moments with family and friends. With Nutot, parents can enjoy an even deeper emotional connection with their developing baby.

Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker is a comprehensive application that not only gives you the opportunity to listen to the baby's heartbeat, but also to monitor and track the progress of the pregnancy as a whole.

With features like fetal movement counts, important reminders for doctor appointments, and tips on health and wellness during pregnancy, the Pregnancy Tracker is a useful tool for moms-to-be to track their journey and make sure everything is going well.


Bellabeat is an innovative app that allows mothers-to-be to monitor their babies' health and well-being in a practical and easy way. In addition to listening to the baby's heartbeat, the app offers features such as scheduling appointments, tracking nutrition, counting kicks, contraction times and due dates.

With Bellabeat, moms can feel more connected and informed about their baby's development, as well as being able to share their journey with other moms and learn from their experiences.

Fetal Movement Count

The Fetal Movement Count app provides a convenient way for mothers to track their baby's activity in the womb.

In addition to allowing the counting of fetal movements, the application also allows the recording of the baby's heartbeat, providing a comprehensive view of fetal health and well-being.

With Fetal Movement Count, mothers can have peace of mind when monitoring their baby's activity and sharing those special moments with the family.

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baby listener

Bebé Listener is an application that allows parents to listen to their baby's heartbeat during pregnancy. With a simple and intuitive interface, the application offers a clear and crisp listening experience of the baby's heartbeat.

In addition, it allows the recording of these moments so that parents can share them with their loved ones. With additional features like doctor appointment reminders and fetal development information, Baby Listener is a great choice for parents who want to keep a close eye on their baby's health.

sound of life

The Sound of Life app allows parents to hear and record their baby's heartbeat during pregnancy. With a user-friendly interface, the app offers a clear and immersive listening experience, creating an emotional connection between parents and their developing baby.

In addition, Sound of Life offers additional features such as a fetal kick counter and information on maternal health. Sharing those special moments with family and friends is easy and convenient with this app.

baby beats

Baby Beats is an app that allows parents to listen and record their baby's heartbeat in the womb. With an intuitive interface, the app offers a clear and smooth listening experience, providing a special moment for parents to connect with their baby.

In addition, Baby Beats offers additional features such as fetal movement counting, doctor appointment reminders and helpful pregnancy tips. Share your baby's heartbeats with your loved ones and create precious memories with Baby Beats.

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Tips for choosing the right app

It is important to note that when choosing an application, it is recommended to check the developer's reputation, read user reviews and ensure that the application is compatible with your mobile device. Also, always consult a qualified healthcare professional for additional guidance and information about your baby's health during pregnancy.